Nature’s Clarity


Mountains stand magestically

the sunset brushes all with clarity

challenging the mind to settle into

moments of solitude and grace


long inhales of gratitude

quiet exhales of compassion

lifts the veil of disconnection

between hidden realms


nature’s wonder and beauty

embrace the souls with love

the spirits dance in delight



prism1 2


simple things bring change


if you notice –

the blossoms of opportunity


the reflections of dreams

that you had swept under the rug

only to find them floating – 

sparkling in the dust

that is illuminated by the sunlight

streaming through your window


the early morning beauty hidden

in the prisms of another new day



“We do not stop exercising because we grow old;
we grow old because we stop exercising.”

K. Cooper


FullSizeRender (1)


I move

because if I don’t

fat conglomerates in body and mind

life becomes joyless and stagnant

creating a road to unhappiness and poor health

I have broken the monotony of


that work has demanded of me


muscles now fire up

the heart pumps beats of delight

mind blooms with synapses of jubilation

wheels spinning

inspiring and encouraging

habits that promote

health and happiness






I was a acute care nurse for 18 years. A lack of fulfilment, due to increasing work load demands, left me exhausted and stressed out. I do however, miss the movement that acute nursing provided.

Now I am a home care nurse – WHICH I LOVE – with one exception. It has led to being more sedentary.  I sit too much, at a desk or in my car. Clogging my own and the world’s arteries.

I have always found time to play in the outdoors outside of work. Without the forest runs I would not be a sane person. Regardless of this extra time for other activities, the sedentariness of work was causing aches and pains I had never had before. Time to find a solution and make a change.

So I have purchased a cargo electric assist bike. I am now spinning into wellness as I commute between clients’ homes.

Many are skeptical and ask, “doesn’t it take more time?”. The reality is that I have been able to get to where I need to be within 5 minutes of what it took in my car. A few times I even beat a driving co worker to the same home. Plus – parking is a non issue!

I would not be able to do it without the cargo space; I carry a lot of supplies. I also need the electric assist due to the many hills where I live. Assist or not, my legs are always moving.

The following is a great video addressing the hidden health risks of a sedentary life style.


I am already seeing the results after doing this for just a few weeks. The emotional, physical and mental stress that can result from my job is releasing with each pedal stroke. Movement creates a healthy body, mind and spirit.

My carbon footprint is less. If Glory can carry it (of course I named her), I bike to get myself around the city when not working as well. With the continued threats on planet earth, every little bit helps.

Life is rich and full with many demands.  If we do not show compassion and care for our own well being, it becomes more difficult to care for all the others in our lives. The burdens are greater, all those demands become arduous, and the stressors immobile us.

It can be tough to find the time and we can make numerous excuses.  It is said, best to get out of your own way to make change happen. Put those excuses to the side and find a solution.

So I have broke the sedentariness of my daily routine at work with cycling.  Changing my routine to make it happen, when I can.

What do you already do to incorporate exercise into your daily routine? Or how will you change to promote a healthier body, mind and spirit?

“The groundwork of all happiness is health”  L. Hunt














Time is rich and full

possessing intervals of adventure

in the squashed space cradled

between demands of the earth’s state of affairs


previous —

memories of childhood linger in fairytales of realness

presently —

time laughs in the face of my accumulating years


I now choose ever so mindfully

my collection of thrills

of moments wrapped in the universe’s jest

that nibble at my brain’s intervening patterns 

creating velvety, supple synapses

to span the seasons on this cosmic journey


photo by me




Deep thoughts engage me,

enrage me

infecting the mind with constant curses

sanity caught in a snare of deceit

my soul screaming for freedom


gather these constant diatribes

into a thundercloud of energy

let erratic thoughts fall like rain

releasing turmoil emotions

to flood into the depths of nothingness


authentic self unravelling

like a diminishing distant squall

producing holograms of rainbows

that gather in the endless sky of mine



daily word prompt infect




The elder sat still, modestly covered,

in the entrance to the small hut.

Her face held a faint smile,

her eyes lost in transition.

A permanent reminder of a mind deceiving her.


The much younger woman cradled

the older woman’s arm in a tender embrace.

Smooth skin rubbing oil,

along the wrinkled impressions of age.

The faint scent of sandalwood filled the air.

A quiet hum of the waking morning,

in rising crescendo.


Everyday, the ritual was the same.

Quiet, each lost in their own moments.


Yet, today, the eve of the elder’s last year,

the ancestors gathered in the folds of her fading memories.

A portal to the revered.


The elder woman began to sing,

quietly with intention.


Earth and sky.

Rivers and valleys.

Moonbeams and sunshine.

Gods and Goddesses.

Life and death.


Legends of creation flowed from her.

Centuries of wisdom shared.


The student listened attentively,

knowing it is now her turn.

To hold the past and the future.

These moments of grace,

in sacred balance.



Daily word prompt legend



                                                                                                               Elizabeth Gilbert


Here we are the last day of April. My final poem for Poetry Month. Kind of crazy just how quickly the month went, but really, time is such a warped way to measure reality. When I started this blog I never thought I would be writing a poem everyday for a month. I have astonished myself. I truly enjoyed the experience. Being creative in this way actually changed how I perceive the world. I have always been fairly aware, but I am now tuned in to another frequency and I love it. 

vege man





A poem   ♥   are thoughts spoken and unspoken

What is Life  ♥  but poetry in motion




When I began this journey of blogging I was worried about what others thought. I have succeeded in pushing my boundaries around vulnerability. Now I just don’t care. This is my journey, my imagination and it is inspiring me to keep evolving. Another favourite quote from “BIG MAGIC” 




I will most likely not be posting everyday from here on, but I will continue to carry pen and paper with me. When the creative adventure flows, my mind will take note. I encourage all to listen deeply to the world around them. There is so much inspiration that otherwise goes unnoticed. 



Daily word prompt astonish





There is a friend we all have in common

One who is a constant reminder to love

Sadly many are too scared or have forgotten

and try to give our dear friend a shove


Our friend remains silently beside us

Always only a breath from our sooth

Whispering words of wisdom and thus

To live life with wonder and truth


If you can open your heart to our teacher

Lessons of life you will tenderly embrace

The mystery will then become the feature

How will you live your remaining moments of grace?



Daily word prompt wonder



the wind comes suddenly

like a dragon’s breath

the trees creak in protest

sword ferns sway in combat 

the raven cries a warning

the wrens join the chorus


with an inhale, the dragon retreats

the wind only a whisper

like the wings of an angel

the chorus becomes a eulogy


the big cat, freshly preened

purrs a hymn of gratitude


the elk lay still

rivulets of life force

bleed upon his mossy grave 


the vanilla leaves droop in mourning

the bleeding hearts weep

the fawn lilies bow their heads in sorrow


the sun’s last rays illuminate

his spirit hastily departed


Poem # 28 for Poetry Month

daily prompt rivulet 







My 13 year old spent the entire weekend on the rock. Learning about aid climbing, gear placement, safety and responsibility. It was a JOY to watch him push boundaries and find fulfillment in his own achievements. It was an interesting experience trusting and finding faith in my own parenting, as I slowly let out more and more rope.

Climbing teaches so much about life. Boundaries, courage, fear, faith, support, self worth. The list is endless. My hope is that he continues to take what he has gained on the rock and applies it to the everyday moments.

The following poem is my contribution to Poetry month, inspired by my son.

Love you more than the mountains love the sky Rowen.


daisy chains & cow loops

quick draws & fifi hooks

ascending the atriers of life

methodically pushing the boundaries of childhood

faith and intention your protection

finding fulfillment in perseverance

wisdom in vulnerability

pushing through fear with perspective & purpose

courage & experience leading the way

intuition nudging you

mentors supporting you

trust sustaining you

the rock grounding you

the sky you aspire to

nature sings a chorus of encouragement

the rope lengthens, stretching your spirit

each climb a notable achievement

towards independence & responsibility

Yet, gently your shadow swings 

always a portal to your youth’s imagination

love your constant belayer

to catch you when you falter

ever so slowly you spread your wings

to one day take flight and soar


For the non climbers out there. Atriers and daisy chains are ladders made from webbing. Cow loops and fifi hooks are also essential tools that are used in aid climbing. If you have not yet, push your boundaries and give rock climbing a go. So rewarding and so much FUN!

daily word prompt notable