the wind comes suddenly

like a dragon’s breath

the trees creak in protest

sword ferns sway in combat 

the raven cries a warning

the wrens join the chorus


with an inhale, the dragon retreats

the wind only a whisper

like the wings of an angel

the chorus becomes a eulogy


the big cat, freshly preened

purrs a hymn of gratitude


the elk lay still

rivulets of life force

bleed upon his mossy grave 


the vanilla leaves droop in mourning

the bleeding hearts weep

the fawn lilies bow their heads in sorrow


the sun’s last rays illuminate

his spirit hastily departed


Poem # 28 for Poetry Month

daily prompt rivulet 







My 13 year old spent the entire weekend on the rock. Learning about aid climbing, gear placement, safety and responsibility. It was a JOY to watch him push boundaries and find fulfillment in his own achievements. It was an interesting experience trusting and finding faith in my own parenting, as I slowly let out more and more rope.

Climbing teaches so much about life. Boundaries, courage, fear, faith, support, self worth. The list is endless. My hope is that he continues to take what he has gained on the rock and applies it to the everyday moments.

The following poem is my contribution to Poetry month, inspired by my son.

Love you more than the mountains love the sky Rowen.


daisy chains & cow loops

quick draws & fifi hooks

ascending the atriers of life

methodically pushing the boundaries of childhood

faith and intention your protection

finding fulfillment in perseverance

wisdom in vulnerability

pushing through fear with perspective & purpose

courage & experience leading the way

intuition nudging you

mentors supporting you

trust sustaining you

the rock grounding you

the sky you aspire to

nature sings a chorus of encouragement

the rope lengthens, stretching your spirit

each climb a notable achievement

towards independence & responsibility

Yet, gently your shadow swings 

always a portal to your youth’s imagination

love your constant belayer

to catch you when you falter

ever so slowly you spread your wings

to one day take flight and soar


For the non climbers out there. Atriers and daisy chains are ladders made from webbing. Cow loops and fifi hooks are also essential tools that are used in aid climbing. If you have not yet, push your boundaries and give rock climbing a go. So rewarding and so much FUN!

daily word prompt notable







the indecent insults of time


the smart phone dictatorship


the distorted connection 



a world where everyone still phoned

the rotary way


each number dialed, deliberate

finger smoothly circling 

with enthusiasm and anticipation










a world of connected yesterdays








For Doug. Still missing you after all these years.


The river, strong and sweeping

chanted secrets of the universe.

The island broke the river,

blue stirring to white.

Water frothing in anger, over being interrupted.

Pine trees secured the island, kept it from floating away.

Wind whispered change.

An owl stood wise,

watching her as she walked alone.

Absorbed by the beauty of nature,

lost in her own thoughts of mourning.

She so young and innocent.

The owl went unnoticed.

Along with the omens, both good and bad.

She did see the man sitting at the edge of the island,

down river, on a log.

Where the river embraced itself again.

There, he sat alone in silent meditation.

From where did he come?

How did he get here with no boat to carry him?

Wondering she walked, kind and curious.


Suddenly ——


Just as she was about to speak.

The owl screeched.

The river cackled.

The pines cried.

Two ravens took shape and flew from her.

Leaving the log empty.

Only the mystery remained.

The memory of a loved one lost.

The river continued her chant.

The universe kept her secrets.





gratitude is much like the sunrise

the nights darkness covers all 

beauty and wonder is hidden in the stars and shadows

just as we loose our own glow at times

neglecting what makes 

us. we. them. it.



yet, if we are quiet enough

just as the horizon transforms

from deep whole black, to velvet purple

blazing red to flamboyant orange

lovely shades of pink and sensuous yellows

to a final joyous blue

the light shines through our own prisms

nourishing the soul with vibrating energy

bestows intention, changing our flow

chakras spin

Spirit awakens

gratitude brings us whole again

Daily word prompt bestow



crest trail

forest of wonder holds a secret trail

to hidden gems only the wise can find

blankets of brilliant moss illuminate the giant sleeping boulders

queens and kings of centuries old stand tall silently in witness

mountains anchor the sky to the earth

waterfalls cascade from the heavens

charming bridges cross to floating worlds

where one can climb their dreams

to dance in the clouds

and touch the rainbows








Partaking in random thoughts creates poem # 22 for Poetry Month


river flow

waves break against the walls of the skull

washing and cleansing

tides of creativity, devotion and love

flow from the right hemisphere

logic and wisdom

spill from the left hemisphere

waterfalls cascade down the brainstem

reminders to breath, heart to beat

the amygdala emotionally charged

with centuries of practise

erratic notions crashing in the depths of the mind

calmness hidden in the corals of the cerebellum

balances and coordinates

cerebral cortex reefs are brilliant with thought

attentive to the world in which it exists

optical illusions in the back ghetties

history of a life being held by a dam



go the memories

eroding the perception of time




creates rivers of change

streams of thought

ebb and flow














Poem # 21 for Poetry Month.

Mind feeling a little sluggish. So I am going to spend the day outside searching for more rainbows.


rainbows spread delight

spring showers rejuvenate

blooming new beginnings

for all of nature to celebrate






eyes wide open

journey nearing its end


skin as elegant 

as a calla lily – blooming


mind is scattered

like a bee drunk on pollen


          ♥  shattered heart

grasping to love those left behind


          ♥  authentic heart

sharing love that has been kept secret for so long


family sits vigil with compassion and devotion

like morning dew blanketing a rose


death will come with a tender embrace

such as the sun wakes gently over the horizon


spirit taking flight

on the wings of a dragonfly



Daily prompt authentic




WONDROUS MORNING * poem nineteen



wondrous morning

stillness of nature

awakens anew

whisper of a whale’s breath

breaks the duvet of fog

that embraces the ocean

pileated woodpecker searches

wren flirts

whale exhales, 

again and again

the loon joins the chorus

sharing of secrets

the infinite and mysterious

connected by grace

a parallel universe

where nature sings

in the spirit’s dance recital

The daily prompt parallel