Setting intentions gives one focus. To stay conscious not only to the world around one self, but to be aware of the constant flow of mind chatter that ultimately controls how one lives moment to moment. The average person has 100 billion neurons, or brain cells. Each constantly sending and receiving information. Approximately 49 thoughts per minute. 2940 thoughts per hour. That is a lot of activity to keep track of.

Most of this processing is done subconsciously. There are the activities of daily living that we take for granted. Eating, dressing, walking. Then there is the constant flow of information that society sends us. From the people we interact with at work and play. To the stealth ways in which all forms of media influence our opinions and everyday decisions. Our thoughts and believes are constantly being shaped by external influences.

Those external forces shape our subconscious. The subconscious can become the monkey mind.  The monkey mind hijacks our thought patterns. The thought patterns then too easily create self doubt, fear and isolation.

It takes dedication and determination to even realize that our minds have been hijacked. When the mind races with erratic thoughts, or we find ourselves numb to the realities around us. We must turn our backs to the speed demons of life and take a deep awakening breath.

Tell the monkey mind to SIT DOWN and SHUT UP.


Stay conscious and constantly challenge and reality check your own narratives.

Surround yourself with people who are like minded and encourage one other to be the best person they can be.

Limit your media to positive streaming mind feeds.


Be in the moment.



My intention is to honour my spirit. To let the Spirit embrace, guide and inspire me. To listen to the whispers of my heart. For in the Sacred there is compassion, courage, creativity and love. To listen to my intuition. For it is the universe giving me a gentle nudge.

My intention is to be grounded in love and gratitude. In giving thanks I expand my awareness. It is in love that I find peace and understanding.

My intention is to own the truth with compassion. Honouring myself and the beliefs I hold. To show compassion, love and patience for self and others. To let go of the past sufferings and break the boundaries that jail me within myself. To admit when I have been wrong. To reality check my narratives. To be honest with self and others and not let expectations hold me hostage. To share my love and joy. My sorrow and pain. To encourage others to do the same.

My intention is be mindful and surrender to the moment. It is in the now where I will find inspiration and courage.

My intention is to embrace and cherish those who seek my attention. To be the person I want my children to be. To stimulate growth and imagination. Curiosity and adventure. To guide and nurture all and everything with love and compassion.

My intention is to truly listen. For opening my heart to others allows the space for them to listen to their own melody.

My intention is to respect Mother Nature and all that She nurtures. For She supports our wild, weird and wonderful journey called life. It is in Her diversity that we find inspiration and understanding.

My intention to to seek solitude daily. To care for others I must first show compassion for self.

My intention is to be curious and live a life of adventure. To stay open and attentive to all of life’s beauty and wonder. Be vulnerable. To explore my inner self as well as the mysteries of the world around me.


Remember that intention is how we send guidance to our own higher self. Thoughts and patterns dictate who we are and how we act. Individually and collectively. Change the thoughts – the patterns will shift. We become what we desire.









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