Yesterday a friend brought her massage table over to my place and treated me to the gift of touch. We listened to enchanting music and her magic hands put me into a place of pure bliss.

I soaked up the after glow with a cup of tea in front of the fire, listened to the above, and wrote the following. My 12th poem for April.

With much appreciation & gratitude for your connection, friendship and love.

This one is for you Doone.

As her hands dance 

across my flow of atoms 

Tapping into and opening

the rivers of energy

Magical healing hands

Caressing and stimulating with kindness

compassionately and lyrically accessing

the glimmering meridians of music 

that my body holds hidden

The piano accompanied with the chorus

of robins and chic-a-dees outside my window

Ebbing and flowing 

I sense the enchantment

of my own soul





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