For Doug. Still missing you after all these years.


The river, strong and sweeping

chanted secrets of the universe.

The island broke the river,

blue stirring to white.

Water frothing in anger, over being interrupted.

Pine trees secured the island, kept it from floating away.

Wind whispered change.

An owl stood wise,

watching her as she walked alone.

Absorbed by the beauty of nature,

lost in her own thoughts of mourning.

She so young and innocent.

The owl went unnoticed.

Along with the omens, both good and bad.

She did see the man sitting at the edge of the island,

down river, on a log.

Where the river embraced itself again.

There, he sat alone in silent meditation.

From where did he come?

How did he get here with no boat to carry him?

Wondering she walked, kind and curious.


Suddenly ——


Just as she was about to speak.

The owl screeched.

The river cackled.

The pines cried.

Two ravens took shape and flew from her.

Leaving the log empty.

Only the mystery remained.

The memory of a loved one lost.

The river continued her chant.

The universe kept her secrets.



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