WONDROUS MORNING * poem nineteen



wondrous morning

stillness of nature

awakens anew

whisper of a whale’s breath

breaks the duvet of fog

that embraces the ocean

pileated woodpecker searches

wren flirts

whale exhales, 

again and again

the loon joins the chorus

sharing of secrets

the infinite and mysterious

connected by grace

a parallel universe

where nature sings

in the spirit’s dance recital

The daily prompt parallel








enchanted forest

wondrous green

whispers of connection

essence of being

vast graveyards of forests healing 

death scream



giants of futures past

if we could hear your story

what wisdom would you share?




species of most wisdom?

destroy what nurtures you

listen to your own story

the lessons are there


role model with

peace and tranquility

to all who listen

stand and be still

reflect and respect

for the next generation

may do better

behaviour that sustains



Daily prompt futures past







Listening to the grace in my own moments of solitude.

Poem for April 17th. One poem a day to celebrate Poetry Month.





to the stillness

in all & everything


let its beauty wrap

our hearts in grace


embrace this time of reflection


where hope shape shifts to courage 

suffering gives way to love


it is in this place of quiet


— solitude —


the light seeps in

honouring & healing begins



Daily prompt graceful




Deplete of nothing


You are the rainbow of colours in an alpine glow

The mountains weep streams of tears

in virtue of your beauty

carving scars so deep, to last for centuries


You are the first blossoms of spring

mnemonically embracing time

petals of hope that yearn for truth

heartening the weary


You are the oceans breath

tides of transformation

a reminder to be vigil

to our own reflections and dreams


You are the rock

strong and determined

unwavering and true

in constant contemplation


You are the aurora 

the universe your stage

you illuminate the mysteries

inspiring all to witness and hold faith


Brilliantly you dance

caressing my soul in wonder

covenant whispers anchoring my spirit 

diminishing me of everything



Yesterday a friend brought her massage table over to my place and treated me to the gift of touch. We listened to enchanting music and her magic hands put me into a place of pure bliss.


I soaked up the after glow with a cup of tea in front of the fire, listened to the above, and wrote the following. My 12th poem for April.

With much appreciation & gratitude for your connection, friendship and love.

This one is for you Doone.


As her hands dance 

across my flow of atoms 

Tapping into and opening

the rivers of energy


Magical healing hands


Caressing and stimulating with kindness

compassionately and lyrically accessing

the glimmering meridians of music 

that my body holds hidden


The piano accompanied with the chorus

of robins and chic-a-dees outside my window

Ebbing and flowing 


I sense the enchantment

of my own soul






DISRUPTING poem # 12


The clouds disrupt the sunrise,

the sunrise disrupts the night.


I woke to knocking

who wanted in

so early in the morning?


Reality disrupted my dream

or dream disrupted reality?


No one was there

but the clouded sunrise

and my own vast mind.


Split realities,

each disrupting the other.


Which do I choose?


The one that is knocking

on my own expansive universe

of cranial energy

at the moment of now.