My Hubby and I are about to take our two boys on an around the world journey. Europe, India and South East Asia. Lots of places to explore in only 4 months. But we are a family inspired by adventure and we are up for the challenge.

BK (Before Kids) we travelled fairly extensively. Then we embarked on our biggest, most challenging and most rewarding journey ever…. children. Many things changed, but we never lost our desire to travel. We have been dreaming of travelling with our boys for 5 years now.

So many thoughts could have got in our way. Can we afford it? What about work? What about the house? When would be the perfect ages? Is the world safe?

Those questions only motivated us to make it happen. To believe.

First I want to acknowledge just how privileged we are. We were born into privileged families, in privileged communities, in a privileged country. We are white and middle class. This dream did not mean we had to sacrifice. We had to make choices. Choices that so many do not have the pleasure to make just because they were born into not so fortunate circumstances. I want my boys to ground themselves in gratitude. To be aware to just how privileged they are, and to promote change so one day every one can make choices instead of sacrifices. To honor diversity and support those who are less fortunate.

Some may say I use and abuse my privilege because I choose to travel. Am I selfish?  Yeah I am. I still have much learning to do, and I crave personal satisfaction. My desire to travel comes from a deep inner place. I love the adventure, the unknown.

Travelling made me the person I am today. My parents always took me on camping trips in the summer. I celebrated my 13th birthday in Mexico. Grade 12 was my first real adventure with a whirl wind trip to Europe. Then at age 19, against many peoples’ advice, I made a choice. I left university, and went travelling.

That 6 month trip, 27 years ago, changed my life drastically. No amount of schooling could have taught more about the world, the people who we share it with and how to navigate everyday life. More than anything though, travelling encouraged personal growth and discovery.

I am thankful I can give this gift to my children. Promote curiosity, independence, self discovery, belief in humanity and diversity.

Money? Saving aeroplan points for the last 5 years has covered all our flights. We make good incomes and made some choices of how to spend our earnings. We have enough to cover our costs. And if we fall short, we have jobs to came back to.

House? Find someone to move in. Easily done and we are grateful.

Work? Husband is seasonal so winter is his time off.  I was willing to walk away from my position but my leave was granted. Again I am grateful.

Kids are the perfect ages. 10 and 13. Old enough to understand. Young enough to still think their parents are made from cool stuff.

But the world has so many dangers? So does driving in my car. I am not naive to what is happening in the world. But I choose to still live. I refuse to let media frighten me and let fear hold me back. To let the few who promote hate and pain dictate how I live.  There are more people in the world who choose loving kindness. I hold faith in the beauty and compassion of the human race. I believe in the grace of humanity. I want my children to hold that grace as well.

I am a nurse and I walk alongside the dying and their loved ones often. They have taught me to embrace life. To live with a whole heart. To not put off what I can do today.

Life is a gift. It is fragile. Follow your dreams. Cherish those around you.

For one day, death will come and take us all.

We do this thing. We open our hearts to the world around us. And the more we do that, the more we allow ourselves to love, the more we are bound to find ourselves one day.” Stuart McLean


I chose the word AGLOW a few years ago to describe who I would like to be.

AGLOW in all capacities. To be aware and give respect to all the thoughts and emotions regardless of the happiness, joy, sorrow, or frustration that they may hold. To be grateful for all of life’s experiences; good or bad. To embrace the moment and the sentiment(s) that it encompasses whole heartedly. To be curious and explore for a deeper meaning. For without embracing the experience fully, how can I learn and grow from it?

To radiate with a whole heart at all times.

No, I will not be successful and I will become unconscious often. I will stumble and even fall. But I will continually ask myself, how aglow are you? Its my trigger to come back to self and be grateful for all life’s’ experiences.

To embrace the now and be AGLOW. To illuminate with love and gratitude.

The following was what I wrote to myself at a time when I needed a boost. When life seemed hard and I was not at my best. I thought a little letter to self  would help in the healing. It did.

I love myself.

I love my spirit.

I love my mind.

I love my physical form.

I hold deep gratitude for the numerous years of daring opportunities.

THANK YOU for the intellectual, emotional and spiritual power to create everlasting relationships, a meaningful career and the ability to explore the world.

I have born two wonderful boys and continue to nurture them with love and compassion. I have loved unconditionally, created a lasting marriage and a connected community.

This body and spirit have and continue to take me on many adventures. Climb mountains, wade rivers, run, hike, surf, bike, ski powder, dance, row, skinny dip in alpine lakes, chase children, wrestle, love, tickle, walk, jump, meditate, and hug many.

I have and will continue to allow the space to be vulnerable, be strong, have courage, think, create, change, forgive, love, grieve, bleed, heal, scream, sing, cry and laugh.

Sure I am soft in some places, saggy in others. Dimply here and wrinkly there. Ache and creak on occasion. Forgetful, angry and frustrated at times. Not always on my best behaviour. I have been hurt and sadly have hurt others.

I still remain grateful for all of me. Each ache, each wrinkle, each grey hair holds a memory of what has been. Life’s inescapable suffering will stretch my spirit. Each time I step out of line, there is space for further growth. My beauty and strength hold the dreams of new adventures yet to be.

I love my body. I love my mind. I love my spirit.

I love my life. I love myself and all that I encompass. For without all of me, I would not be unique. I would not be me.

Press play and listen with your eyes closed. Better yet, dance with your eyes closed. Be inspired. Then sit and write, embracing all your treasures and your flaws with deep gratitude.




Setting intentions gives one focus. To stay conscious not only to the world around one self, but to be aware of the constant flow of mind chatter that ultimately controls how one lives moment to moment. The average person has 100 billion neurons, or brain cells. Each constantly sending and receiving information. Approximately 49 thoughts per minute. 2940 thoughts per hour. That is a lot of activity to keep track of.

Most of this processing is done subconsciously. There are the activities of daily living that we take for granted. Eating, dressing, walking. Then there is the constant flow of information that society sends us. From the people we interact with at work and play. To the stealth ways in which all forms of media influence our opinions and everyday decisions. Our thoughts and believes are constantly being shaped by external influences.

Those external forces shape our subconscious. The subconscious can become the monkey mind.  The monkey mind hijacks our thought patterns. The thought patterns then too easily create self doubt, fear and isolation.

It takes dedication and determination to even realize that our minds have been hijacked. When the mind races with erratic thoughts, or we find ourselves numb to the realities around us. We must turn our backs to the speed demons of life and take a deep awakening breath.

Tell the monkey mind to SIT DOWN and SHUT UP.


Stay conscious and constantly challenge and reality check your own narratives.

Surround yourself with people who are like minded and encourage one other to be the best person they can be.

Limit your media to positive streaming mind feeds.


Be in the moment.



My intention is to honour my spirit. To let the Spirit embrace, guide and inspire me. To listen to the whispers of my heart. For in the Sacred there is compassion, courage, creativity and love. To listen to my intuition. For it is the universe giving me a gentle nudge.

My intention is to be grounded in love and gratitude. In giving thanks I expand my awareness. It is in love that I find peace and understanding.

My intention is to own the truth with compassion. Honouring myself and the beliefs I hold. To show compassion, love and patience for self and others. To let go of the past sufferings and break the boundaries that jail me within myself. To admit when I have been wrong. To reality check my narratives. To be honest with self and others and not let expectations hold me hostage. To share my love and joy. My sorrow and pain. To encourage others to do the same.

My intention is be mindful and surrender to the moment. It is in the now where I will find inspiration and courage.

My intention is to embrace and cherish those who seek my attention. To be the person I want my children to be. To stimulate growth and imagination. Curiosity and adventure. To guide and nurture all and everything with love and compassion.

My intention is to truly listen. For opening my heart to others allows the space for them to listen to their own melody.

My intention is to respect Mother Nature and all that She nurtures. For She supports our wild, weird and wonderful journey called life. It is in Her diversity that we find inspiration and understanding.

My intention to to seek solitude daily. To care for others I must first show compassion for self.

My intention is to be curious and live a life of adventure. To stay open and attentive to all of life’s beauty and wonder. Be vulnerable. To explore my inner self as well as the mysteries of the world around me.


Remember that intention is how we send guidance to our own higher self. Thoughts and patterns dictate who we are and how we act. Individually and collectively. Change the thoughts – the patterns will shift. We become what we desire.











I have begun this blog to honour the spirit within.  To stay curious and ever changing, allowing space for vulnerability.  I will share my reflections on the moments of everyday as well as the grandness of adventure. Searching for meaning and growth in all life experiences.  I hope to dream & believe more. To love and live with a whole heart & nurture my joy.  While inspiring others to do the same.