You will not define me


Should be a choice

My own time and place

Not coming in like a storm

Of insults and anger

Undermining my wellbeing

With his warped believe of power

To become a target

Of such hostility and lies

Throwing his own insecurities

At me, unexpected and undeserved

For he has no capacity to see through his ego of darkness

To witness the lack of compassion for another

Creates moral injury

A direct result

of an angry man

Lost in his construed reality

I have been caught in a net

Of another’s own sad story

But I am strong and resilient

I am true and intelligent

I will wrap that net around me like a cloak

Of shimmering greens and blues

I will stand true

To myself

As a nurse, as a person

I gain strength in adversity

Vulnerability defined on my terms

Moving forward

Make change


Bring justice

For a wrong that will ultimately

Only leave shadows on

An angry man’s face

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